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1. Fully automated, Discrete, Random access, STAT priority.
2. Close or open system setting, supported reagents of different brand.
3. Precision sampling pumps, sample step by 0.1 ul, reagent step by0.5 ul
4. 24 hour non-stop working, convenient emergency function with inserting emergency at random.
5. Implementing analysis of ultra-trace reaction solution to 100 ul, and saving more reagents.
6. Discrete cuvette, preventing from cross-infection, and be washed and reused, making sure accurate result and save cost.
7. Software is easy to learn and use. And test report can be printed online.
8. Perfect function of quality control management is convenient for users to manage the clinical test result.
9. Detecting in the whole reaction process with reaction curve, convenient for users to monitor thoroughly  and scientifically analyze the detection data.
10. Supporting software can implement the function of detecting surplus reagent.

Overall  Performance   Model   BK-800(EMERALD)
 Type   Discrete, Fully automatic 
 Throughput   800 tests per hour  
 Analysis Method   End-point, Fixed-time, Rate, Turbidimetry
 Programming Items   Programmable for any test items 
 Certification   CE, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 
Sample unit   Sample Position  180 samples, double disk design, including 60 samples for   calibration/quality dribbling refrigerated
 Sample Tubes  Original blood collection tube, micro tube, plastic tube, etc
 Sample Types   Serum, plasma, urine, etc
 Sample Volume   2ul ~70ul (0.1ul stepping) 
 Sample Probe   Having liquid level induction function,   ensuring the accuracy of adding sample 
 Probe Cleaning   Automatic washing both interior and exterior,   cross contamination rate < 0.1%
 Analysis Items   Analyzing maximally 100 items at the same time 
Reagent unit   Reagent Position   200 reagent positions, dual-tray design
 Wash Solution  Washing solution can be installed in any position, including needle,   stir bar washing solution and water bath disinfectant
 Reagent Volume   20ul~350ul, 0.5ul increment
 Temperature Control   Continuous 2℃~8℃cooling within 24 hours 
 Reagent Probe   Having liquid level induction function,   ensuring the accuracy of adding reagent  Inventory checking 
 Probe Cleaning   Automatic washing both interior and exterior 
Reaction unit   Reaction Volume  150ul~550ul  Reaction Temperature  37℃ 
 Temperature System  Water bath, Real-time temperature display
 Cuvettes   160 positions with permanent hard glass   cuvettes  (optical path length 5mm) 
 Stirrer   Independent stir bar, nanotechnology, highly polished,  automatic frequency conversion
 Cleaning   automatic water cleaning and drying system 
 System Adjustment   System can record the blank value and get more accurate result   by deducting blank base value of each cuvette 
Optical System   Light Source   Halogen lamp, lamp can be auto sleep and wake up
 Receiver   Holographic flat field concave grating diode array detection
 Wavelength Range   16 wavelengths from 340nm to 800nm
 Linear Range   -0.3000~3.3000 Abs
 Stray Light  < 0.1% or Abs > 3.0
Calibration  and QC   Calibration Method  Linear calibration: K factor, two- and multiple linear  Nonlinear   Calibration: spline, polynomial, Logarithm, etc
 Quality Control   Auto QC,cooled QC positions
Software   Emergency Function   Emergency sample can be placed in the sample tray at any time 
 Software   Windows 7/8/10 or above, LIS system available
 Online  Full bi-directional communication possible
 Data Processing   Having reaction curve detection and data display   function in the whole process 
Others   Water consumption  Deionized water , <45 L/hour
 Power Supply   110/220v ±10%, 50/60Hz
 Package Size  1720*1200*1430mm
 Gross Weight   600Kg 

①. 180 Sample positions.

②. 200  Reagent positions.

③. 160 Reaction cuvettes.

④. 800 Tests / Hour.

BK-800(EMERALD) Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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