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  • BK6000 Auto 3 Part Hematology Analyzer

1. Easy to operate. Keyboard operation.  
2. Safe reagent without any harm to environment.
3. Both whole blood and prediluted blood test modes are available.  
4. Automatic stand by and wake up function. 24 hour’s work available.
5. Automatic self-checking or manual checking function. Warning function.

Automatic Fully automatic
Throughput 30 tests/hr
AssayItems 22 parameters, 3 parts differential of WBC
SampleVolume 9.6ul(Anticoagulation whole blood),9.6ul(Finger blood for direct test)20ul(prediluted blood)
MeasuringPrinciple Electro-impedance, photometric analysis
Testing Items WBC  LY  LY%  MO  MO%  GR  GR%                 RBC  HGB  HCT  MCV  RDW-SD  RDW-CV  MCH MCHC  PLT  MPV  PCT  PDW WBC histograms  RBC histograms  PLT histograms   
LinearityRange WBC: 0.0-99.9(×10^9/L)   RBC:0.0-99.9(×10^12/L) HGB: 0.0-300(g/L)         PLT: 0.0-99.9(×10^9/L)
Accuracy (CV%) WBC≤4.0%      RBC≤2%
PLT≤8%          HGB≤2%         MCV≤3%
Display LCD
Storage 200,000 results including histograms
Output One RS232 ,one PS2, one USB, one keyboard.
Printer Built-in thermal printer, USB to external printer(Optional)
Data input Keyboard
QC Automatically calculates X, SD, CV% and saves date
Language English and Spanish. Other language on request
Power supply 110/220V±10% , 60/50Hz
Package Size 550*480*620mm
GrossWeight 25kg

①. 3 part diff of WBC.

②. 22 parameters.

③. 30 tests per hour.

BK6000 Auto 3 Part Hematology Analyzer

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